Our Nightmare Story of the Garian Gap

Our Nightmare Story of the Garian Gap

We are wanting to share our story of the nightmare we had shipping our beloved camper van across the Darian Gap...

Not to dishearten you, put you off or make you never want to have this experience...

More to prepare you for what lies ahead, and of course allow you to laugh at our total misery throughout the whole process!


Firstly I will explain how we came about this whole ordeal:

For three years we are driving around the globe in our 25 year old campervan ‘ Peggy ’ exchanging wedding vows in the most unusual and unique wedding locations we can find, embracing the culture and local traditions of each place we visit! ...

Yep, you read it right! 


So we flew to Toronto Canada, bought our camper, named her after my lovely Nanna and hit the road!

Since then we have driven 50,000 km, held 19 wedding cermonies, visited 13 countires AND crossed the damned Darian Gap all in 10 months.

We are driving as far south as we can in the Americas and then we ship (really looking forward to that right now) from Brazil to the UK and head east, hoping to end our trip, with Peggy intact, in Australia where we plan to live...Hence, having to ship her over the Gap.

We have a blog in which we recount all of our tales of travel, weddings, love and new friendships but we just HAD to share this particular experience with you fellow travel dudes!

Hope you enjoy it and if you do let us know and we will share more!