One love, streams, sails, etc.

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

One love, streams, sails, etc.

So yesterday (Waitangi day) we ventured into Wellington, and decided we could probably find the One Love reggae festival without first consulting a map. Well, that was a mistake, and we wandered around for several hours before seeing signs of backpacks full of beer, Bob Marley t-shirts, people who hadn’t showered in a while, you get the picture. The concert itself was quite an experience, but I was tired from walking there and decided to leave after an hour of people watching (more fun than listening to the band).

That night, I went for a star-gazing hike. Almost as peaceful as One Love.

Today I spent the whole morning in “wellies” (waterproof boots) wading through streams, testing water ph and speed, and recording how many creatures I found in the handfuls of mud and rock I pulled out.

We ate lunch afterwards in a park where they filmed a lot of Lord of the Rings. The main attraction for me though was the playground. No one sues anyone in this country, so the playgrounds are incredibly dangerous but therefor incredibly fun. Ziplines, climbing walls, huge slides, you name it.

It was my night to cook dinner so I (with help) made some hamburgers and we packed up a bunch of food to take on another sunset sailing trip around the bay.

Now it’s 1:00 in the morning, and I’m waiting for the banana bread I just baked to come out of the oven. Life is good.