Nyodema and The Gambia

Nyodema and The Gambia

Hi there,

I'm Kathryn, from 'Travel with Kat'. I recently joined Travel Dudes and I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen so far.

I'm a travel photographer, writer and graphic designer and I'm passionate about blogging, live music, photography, of course, and food!

I'm also chairman of a community group called 'Nyodema' which means 'helping each other' in Mandinka. Nyodema based in the south of England celebrates world music and arts, promotes multi-cultural awaresness and supports childrens health and education in The Gambia. We run a choir and an African drumming group and we've recently built a school in The Gambia. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished school when I go out there in a couple of weeks.

As well as all this I squeeze in a full-time job with Serenity Holidays. I have today off work so I could collect a cheque from a local school for Nyodema. It was great to have the chance to tell the children about life in West Africa so I hope I inspired them.

While I'm in The Gambia, I'll be visiting three schools and I've arranged interviews with some musicians and a superb chef, so it should be a really interesting week - it is supposed to be a holiday so I'll try and make time for the odd hour or two relaxing by the pool as well.

all the best,