Not to be Missed Places in Australia

Not to be Missed Places in Australia

Situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia is one of the world’s biggest island. The destination presents plenty of sights to explore and enjoy and there is a great incentive to embark on a walkabout exploration. 

With the great national parks dotted around Australia and some great islands, tourists will have a chance to explore the enchantments of Tasmania, Uluru-Kata Tjuta, and Kakadu national parks. Additionally, the attractive beaches and turquoise waters lining its shores offer the homes to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, one of the popular traveler’s destinations in Australia. With plenty of things to do and see in Australia, you will have a memorable and exciting trip. 


Let’s look at some of the best places to visit in Australia 


Sydney is a great town that offers numerous beautiful scenes. As a centenary city with a rich history, Sydney is defined by its great scenic harbor. The town’s original occupants stayed on the harbor’s bank for ten thousands of years. Additionally, the harbor was a landing place for prisoners brought to Australia during the 1780s. Currently, ferries transport tourist for cruises below the famous Sydney harbor bridge and past the famed Sydney Opera house. 

Even though those famed landmarks are the absolute highlights, the town offers numerous great things. With plenty of museums, cinemas, and theaters distributed in the city, Sydney’s blooming cultural scene means that there are numerous things to do and see. For that reason, the town is ideal to live in and the fantastic beaches on off add to the town’s attractiveness. The attractive Bondi beach is a must-view whenever you visit Sydney. Additionally, the city offers numerous outdoor activities that play a vital role in the culture of this great country. Bordering the city, there are plenty of national packs for both tourist and locals to enjoy, together with interesting historical and educational sites. A vibrant and fun town that offers numerous attraction sites, Sydney is one of the greatest destinations in Australia. 


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

World’s popular and spectacular destination, Uluru is widely known because of its ruddy red hue and this makes the most prominent landmarks in Australia. The immense rock is amazing to visit and the key reason for the national park is a famed destination. Uluru’s uniqueness and grandeur live long in the memory of anyone who gazes upon it. Even though the Uluru tends to be the key draw, the similarly enthralling rock design of Kata Tijuta are eccentric to meander around, and the place offers numerous activities for the tourist to enjoy. Inhabited by the Anangu Aboriginal people, the site is one of the best cultural and spiritual to the natives. This means you can learn more about their lifestyle at an excellent cultural center. With plenty of best walks, bike rides and great tours for you to enjoy, the astonishing beauty of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is awe-inspiring. 


Great Barrier Reef

The biggest coral reef system in the whole world, the Great Barrier Reef is just colossal. Stretching for more than 2300 kilometers, it is extraordinarily visible from space, this is a huge ecosystem that comprises of 2900 individual reefs. Visiting this place can be a humbling experience since you will have a chance to enjoy this natural wonder has to present. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the greatest ways to explore and take advantage of the joys of the underwater world. Kayaking, helicopter rides, and boat trips offer another great view of the beautiful reef’s enormous proportions. Gently sailing via the great turquoise waters, dolphins, sea turtles and the beautiful reef are visible underneath the waves. 



Second largest city after Sydney, Melbourne is a cosmopolitan and cool city that is known by many as the cultural city in Australia. With numerous amazing art galleries fantisic museums and live music performances, the city offers some to do or see. Because of its high-quality lifestyle, people from all over the world flock the streets every year. The town is home to a multicultural population that is reflected in the delicious meals served and the unique neighborhood that makes it a fascinating place to visit. Melbourn features a great architecture that gives it a European feel. So, navigating through the town’s streets and many green places will make you love the town. 



One of the famous destinations in Australia, Brisbane is a vibrant and dynamic destination that offers beautiful sunshine the whole year. Home to around 2 million individuals, Brisbane is the third biggest town Australia, after Melbourne and Sydney. Situated in the sunshine state, thousands of visitors stop by when heading to the romantic hotels and beautiful beaches situated in the north and south of the town. Set beside the Brisbane River, the town’s great climate implies that the outdoor activities are famous here. So, you can choose your best activity from biking, hiking or climbing. A friendly and fun town, Brisbane’s lively music scene makes it the best music capital in Australia and there are numerous venues in the city where you can enjoy the best show. 



While the island city of Tasmania might be isolated from other parts of the country, it stills lingers one of the best places to tour in Australia. Almost 50% of the state is protected since the government plans to preserve its natural riches. With alpine plateaus desolate wilderness interspersed with beautiful white beaches, an incredible waterfall and thick forests, exploring Tasmania’s terrain is a mesmerizing experience. You can also take a boat ride on its rugged coast since it’s a rewarding and you will view penguins, dolphins, and seals while on the trip. With plenty of local produce to provide, drinking and eating in Brisbane’s capital is a great pleasure and the bars and hotels are just divine. Additionally, the highland is home to great festival occasions all year-around where you will take local beers and wine as you enjoy some music and art. 



As a laidback city with a peaceful atmosphere, Adelaide's serene streets are accompanied by bars that make it a fun destination to visit, as it offers numerous music venues. Designated as the city of churches, the supercilious spires dotted all over add to the attractive nature of the city. The city has numerous beautiful parks and green locations for visitor and locals to enjoy. With one of the greatest museums and fantastic hotels and art museums, Adelaide is undoubtedly not to be missed destination. It also hosts plenty of festivals, occasions, and shows. Bordered by leafy land that is ideal for farming vineyard, ensure you try the refreshing wines before you continue with your tripe. 



As the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is isolated from the other parts of Australia, yet customarily considered as a livable town in the world. This is due to the laidback vibe it presents, bizarre cultural scenes and a wide range of services offered. A youthful destination, Perth is always bathed in great sunshine and beautiful beaches are ideal for relaxing on. Apart from the beaches, the city offers other great outdoor activities that are enjoyed by locals and tourists. 

If you are planning to visit Australia soon, make sure that you visit the above destinations. You can hire one of the local guides to help you navigate the country and get the best experience.