Night/day off

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

Night/day off

Last night the guys and I decided to venture into “downtown” Lower Hutt since Toby said we had Friday off. First of all, Raph thought it would be a good idea to take a shortcut through the woods to get there. Without flashlights. I’m happy to report that we only ALMOST died.

Once we got to Lower Hutt, we only found ONE open store/bar/anything. It was a combination pool room/karaoke bar/strip club. There were only three other people there. And no strippers. We hung out for a while and then got directions to a second bar. We were literally the only people at this next place, except for the live band which ignored us and kept on practicing. The bartender felt sorry for us and drove us, in her own tiny car, to a rival establishment. Quite a night. The lesson learned is to never try to go out in Lower Hutt, especially on a Thursday.

Today we took the bus to Wellington, got lunch on Cuba Street, walked around the waterfront, and went to the museum. Taking the woods path in the daylight is a lot better. And the ice cream on the waterfront is amazing.

Tonight we’re barbecuing! Then tomorrow we leave here at seven thirty to go the Bushy park for a few days to save Kiwis.