Nevado del Cocuy in Colombia: Reaching for the Andean Sky

Nevado del Cocuy in Colombia: Reaching for the Andean Sky

Hidden on a corner of Colombia, a mountain range (and national park) imposes itself atop the world with more than 15 snowy peaks, each more beautiful and massive than the other.

The wind blowing quietly between the growing water creeks is so tender the paramo's flowers lay still, waiting to be painted. 

Going from 2.600m to 5.300m (8.530 to 17.300 ft) above sea level, was quite a journey!

We drove from Bogota 9 hours on our motorcycle, taking a small break every two hours or so. The road is paved most of the way, but not too many signs on how to get to Cocuy, so you ask or you guess

We spent the night at a small hotel 10 minutes from the nearest town of the Nevado del Cocuy, called Güican


Next day, early morning we drove up 40 minutes through a rocky road towards the mountains, to the last stop, were we spotted some beautiful chalets we regretted not knowing of called Cabañas Kanwara. A local guide was waiting for us there with horses to begin our expedition to the highest mountain peak. We climbed for 3 hours on horseback, and walked about 1 more hour to reach the snow.

The whole journey was definitely worth it!