My Trip to Bethel, Alaska

My Trip to Bethel, Alaska

This is the first in a series of articles about my trip to Bethel, Alaska.

I went with my good friend Eric. Eric’s daughter, Amber, is doing an internship in Bethel. She is an advocate for victims of domestic violence, a very worthy cause. Amber will be in Bethel there for at least a year. Eric was going to visit her and I, social bulldozer that I am, decided to tag along. Nobody can intrude like I can.

We flew out of La Guardia Airport in NY. Of course, there is no direct flight from NY to Bethel so we did a lot of plane changing. First to Chicago, then the Anchorage where we would stay for one night. We’d hang out a bit in Anchorage and leave for Bethel the next afternoon.

Bethel is on the west side of Alaska. There’s nothing near it.

You can’t get to Bethel from here, no matter where ‘here’ is. And…you can’t get to Bethel by car either. No roads to it. Only plane, prop plane that is, or by boat along the river. Well the river was partially frozen when we went, so small plane it is.


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