My low cost tips to get your very best of London

My low cost tips to get your very best of London

One of the cities I love the most in Europe is London.

I love its vibrant life among pubs, theatres and shopping. I adore to walk around in Hyde park with a cup of tea on one hand and my camera on the other to take pictures about squirrels as much as taste the colored M&M's in the famous shop. The more I visit London the more I fall in love with this city. No way. 

Unfortunately travel to London it's a bit expensive if you live in other European countries as I do, but I found a special recipe that unite very careful planning and a lot of skim & scan activity of online offers to get the best of services at the most convenient prices.

I can say that for many different amenities and fun expenses I didn't found any worthy cure but I can share some really good tips about the cost that the trip itself could have.


The first tip is to start by cutting down the transfer costs by planning your tour from the very beginning:

  • Try to skim and scan all Airline Company choosing low cost ones and considering also low cost airport like London Stansted Airport, or Luton or Heathrow  that are really well connected to city center even if they look far from the heart of the city.
  • To reach London you can evaluate bus transfer services. In fact many companies like Terravision offers valuable bus transfer at a convenient price from London Stansted airport as well as others like Luton or Heathrow. Bus transfer can be cheaper than trains, give you a more panoramic view of the landscape and also let you have a comfortable trip to the city center avoiding expensive taxies or crowded subways.
  • Plan also how many attractions you would like to visit creating your personal city tour and the list of the most important quarter to arrive at. After this try to count how many subway trips you should pay and consider buying an Oyster card or different multiple tickets that can make you save money and time.

Moreover always consider booking online all the attractions, museum or restaurants you know you would like to visit. On most of the attractions’ websites there are also special discounts for those who book online giving you a great advantage in saving time and coins to be eventually spent on your shopping. 

Shopping is the other crucial point about London: among the wonderful Harrods, the amazing Selfridges and the provocateur Coven Garden market my advice is to always think twice before shop and to bring always a credit card. In this way you won't have "last pounds" to spend and you will feel guilty for 1 minute before that is the perfect mix to not spend additional money.

Well I can say that these are my own very best advices. Do you have other tips to help me to discover new corners of my favorite city on a budget? I'm always looking to reshape my travel "recipe" :)