My First Solo Travel - Destination: Madrid

My First Solo Travel - Destination: Madrid

On the train to Madrid, I decided I would stay there for a little while. I had never been there before and, actually, I was only going for a job interview. So, I guess I had already started my solo adventure although I had no idea.

I was only carrying a bag with one pair of jeans, two T-shirts and some underwear. As soon as I got off the train at Atocha station I called my mother to tell her I was not coming back as soon as expected. And then it was just me and the city and a blank page waiting to be written to my liking. Exciting.

I ended up staying for 10 months. The first couple of months were awesome. I’m sure you know that feeling of arriving at a new place and not knowing anything about the city, not even anyone, and, sure, nobody knows you. Man, that was freedom! Contrarily to what many people might think in this situation: I was not scared at all. I was hyper-motivated.

And you know what happens when a person is not scared, hyper-motivated and happy? That everything goes without any bumps in the road. I had no had any bad news in six month. On the contrary, I was amazed by the many good things that happened to me everyday. From getting to know awesome people to find a job quickly, start my own business and find a beautiful –and tiny- place to live (after having stayed at three different Madrid apartments).

Anyway, this is just my short overview about my own experience with a clear message:

Enthusiasm is the key the moment you engage in travelling –and by extension, whenever you are engaging in any project.

Don’t be afraid and do not underestimate yourself at any time!