My First Job in Another Country

My First Job in Another Country

If you’re going to do something, then do it large!

I certainly did when I packed up my bags and moved to the other side of the world!

Lucky for me, I had a job interview lined up for when I arrived in Sydney. The travel company I worked for in the UK hooked me up with a car hire company called Auto Europe and even though I had no experience in car hire, I had been in travel for 5 years so they were happy to help out a Pome!

Within 2 weeks of landing in Oz I had an awesome apartment right across from Maroubra Beach and a job where every day I got to travel across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and stare out of the train window to the Opera House; so far sounds like an easy ride right?


Now don’t get me wrong it was a great time in my life and a fantastic experience but wow can those Aussies put in the working hours! I was in the office for 7am and leaving at 6pm, plus you have to squeeze in a gym session so that you can strut your stuff on the beach at the weekend.

I must admit my UK working days were 8 pretty easy going hours and then home to lounge in-front of the TV!

Another thing about catching the train over the bridge every day: at least twice a week you’re guaranteed to get stuck either on the bridge or in-between stations, due to a power failure or some crazy person on the tracks, and in the height of a Sydney summer you can bet your life the air conditioning won’t be working!

After 5 years of working and partying hard, it was time for me to get back to the family.

Australia had been a great experience, the job allowed me to travel to other parts of the country plus I had a few overseas trips thrown in as-well. Now we all know jobs like that are hard to come by, so when they offered me a position for their UK division, Auto Europe UK, I jumped at the chance.

Now into my 8th year with the company I still love my job, they still allow me to travel and I hope they want me to stay with them forever!

I will post more on my adventures around Oz and the globe soon.



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