My Epic Adventure - Going On A Treasure Hunt In Oman

My Epic Adventure - Going On A Treasure Hunt In Oman

On Sunday one of my probaly most epic adventures will start.

I will fly to Oman and I will go on a treasure hunt. Treasure hunt?

Yes, Oman Air and the Oman Ministery of Tourism are sending five teams from France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and Germany to the Sultanate, where we will race against each other in a challenge to discover Oman by using every possible transportation.

We didn't get that much infomation yet, but the start of the treasure hunt is quite luxury.


We will be flown business class with Oman Air to Muscat. Business class, yes! This means I will sit in the best business class seat of the world and be sure I will try the onboard WIFI to send you some nice pictures. And maybe I will also call my Mum from up in the air, just because I can when flying with Oman Air. As luxury as the flight will be so will be the the start in Muscat, where we will be staying in one of Muscat's finest five-star hotels.

And then the race begins.


As Traveldudes and me are both located in Germany, I will be in the German team and I hope I can count on your support! I do know so far that we will travel across the length and breadth of the Sultanate by taxi, by car, by aircraft, by boat and even on camels.

But what I don't know is what exactly the challenges will be like. We've been told that we well get some cryptic clues and I hope you can help me to solve these to bring back the treasure hunt cup back to Germany.

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Follow the hashtag #EpicOman for all tweets (But I hope you won't cheer for another team)

You can follow the treasure hunt also via the official website


Thanks to Oman Air for inviting Traveldudes!
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Written and contributed for Traveldudes by JustTravelous