Munich: Oktoberfest Fail

Munich: Oktoberfest Fail

The following advice was given to us by our hotel staff and friends we made along the way when we were attending Oktoberfest.

 - Go early

 - Go to the less touristy tents

 - Use the side entrances


We did as suggested

- We went to the exhibition grounds just after breakfast. We arrived at 10:00 a.m

- To get a more authentic “German feel” we went to the tents that were recommended as being less touristy. They were still busy, but busy with locals and not the crazy drink-until-you-pass-out young tourists.

- We entered the tents through the side entrances to try to see beyond the crowd standing at the primary entrance. If there was any available seating, this would be a great way to find it.


Despite heeding this advice, our efforts failed us.

Normally an early arrival would guarantee us seating, but a torrential downpour that morning forced everyone on the exhibition grounds to seek refuge from the rain. Heavy rainfall equals everyone fleeing for shelter. With limited shelter comes overcrowding with no seats. No seats equals no service. No service equals no beer.

No beer equals an unsuccessful Oktoberfest.

After three attempts to get into a tent – FAIL!

I truly believe that under normal circumstances (better weather) the advice would have allowed us to have the best experience possible.

We could not do much else except laugh at the experience and we knew we would reminisce about the entire failure later. So, we left the Oktoberfest exhibition grounds and headed for a Munich pub where we could enjoy a pint and celebrate in a different way.

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