more Chirstchurch

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

more Chirstchurch

Question: What’s the most hilarious thing in the world?

Answer: Watching the superbowl with a bunch of Kiwis who keep trying to compare it to rugby.

Pure magic. Yay Giants (only because Tom Brady needs an ego check). We spent the rest of the day at ultimate practice (I watched), and then Rob made us specialty Hell pizzas. Sunday I got the real Christchurch tour, going through the botanical gardens, Cathedral square, and the museum. Christchurch is a really pretty city, and the tourist stuff is nice, but it was also good to be there visiting people who actually live there so I got an idea of the non-touristy stuff too.

Speaking of touristy stuff, Tim took me “punting” (gondola-riding) and even let me steer. I only ALMOST fell in the Avon river.

Now I’m back in Lower Hutt – it’s Waitangi day, a day off of work, we had a good “barbie” (barbecue) last night and today we’re going to head to Wellington to go to the “One love” reggae festival. Apparently it’s Bob Marley’s birthday and there’s a big concert in celebration. I hope it’s free.