Montreal in Quebec, Canada: My Winter Destination

Montreal in Quebec, Canada: My Winter Destination

I'm heading to Montreal in Canada!

It's just around 6 hours by plane from Europe, which makes it closer than a drive to the Alps for me, living in Cologne (Germany).

So why not give it a try and see how the Canadian winter looks like! Sure, the media tells us each year how cold and snowy it is again. But there is no better way than to find it out for yourself!

My bag is full with layers to keep me warm, if it really should get that cold. Seriously? I think I'll be very fine! I was just in Helsinki, Finland a few weeks ago and yes, the minus 15 was a shocker when I stepped out of the airport. But after 2, 3 days I already got used to it and I was wearing my normal jeans, sweatshirt & jacket. OK, I needed a bonnet and gloves and yes, it was still cold... But it was fine!

Just in case, I'll take a few layers with me, as the itinerary will get us out and do some exciting stuff!


I'm a snowboarder, pretty much since those boards got invented! Before that (whenever that was) I skied and I haven't done it since then!

I do NOT like those guys with those sticks, who always seem to aim to hit my eyes...

OK, enough of the prejudices and 'hate you' small talk!

I'm going to ski!

(Did I seriously wrote that?)

Yeaph! Now it's time to get those sticks into my own hands and see if you really need to fidget around with those to get down the slope!

Snowboarders... get out of my way! (hahaha)  ;-)


But I want to do as well some other stuff like:

- ice fishing: 91 km of ice are waiting for me. The itinerary says that walleye, perch & burbot are there... I guess that's the kind of fish? hahaha  So let's head to the ice fishing village:
- snow shoeing or cross-country skiing: 20 km of groomed trails.
- togogganing or inner tubing on specially-designed sliding hills
- ice skating
- wellness: The Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant looks inviting to relax for a few hours.
- Fireman snowshoe tour: with a bit of luck we'll see bears, deer and porcupine tracks (www)
- snowman building contest
- Igloofest: Thousands of electronic music fans dance under the stars! (www)
...and I'm sure there will be more!


Just follow the #LoveWinter hashtag on:



Where to eat:

Canada is more than winter activities! It's also about some very fine and delicious food! Let's taste what the following restaurants will provide and feel free to get back to me, if you need direct feedback!

- Spag & Co (www)
- La Forge (www)
- Foodlab (www)
- Les 400 Coups (www)
- Sucrerie de la Montagne (www)
- EVOO (www)
- Bistrot La Fabrique (www)

What's missing?


Places to stay:

- Le Sommet des Neiges - Les Suites Tremblant (www)
- InterContinental Montréal (www)


I am ready! Get me some powder!


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