Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines

Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines

A trip to the Province of Negros Occidental wouldn't be complete without visiting the long-famous Mambukal Mountain Resort.

Since I was a kid, Mambukal (Mambucal) has been first on the list for the vacation getaway place for the family.

Mambukal Mountain Resort belongs to the Municipality of Murcia and is located on the eastern side of Negros Occidental and 45 minutes travel from Bacolod City.

It is being managed by the provincial government for it to be regularly maintained. The roads going to the resort are good so the journey is very comfortable and convenient.


How to Get There:

The best choice for commuters is the local mini-bus called "Cebro". Cebro is like a small coach bus but non-airconditioned. You can find the Cebro Terminal at Libertad Public Market or you can wait along Libertad Extension street for Cebro buses passing by. Fare is around PHP 40.

Arriving Mambukal Resort, the Entrance Fee for adults is PHP 50, and for kids, you can negotiate or do your "tawad" moves (bargaining) so it will be free of charge. Day Cottages' costs start from PHP 300 to PHP 1,000 depending upon the size and location of the cottage.



For an overnight stay in the resort, you can rent a Cabana which cost PHP 1,000 to PHP 3,000 again depending upon the size of the cabana, number of persons to accommodate, and location of the cabana. The cabanas are all air-conditioned and have comfy beds. You may find the updated pricing of the cabanas from Mambukal Resort's official site here.

Mambukal Resort is a perfect place for families because it houses a lot of activities which are both child-friendly and "adult-friendly". Pools, mountain hike trails, waterfalls, and boating trip are some of those interesting activities to expect.


Do Not Forget:

Always bring your umbrellas, jackets, and raincoats because the weather in the mountainside is very peculiar and inconsistent. The moment you arrived in the place in the morning, the weather is hot. But in the afternoon, the weather quickly changes and trust me, the rains are always strong! :)


Here's my what-to-do-list when visiting Mambukal Resort:

1. Boating Trip
2. Slide For Life Zipline
3. Sulfur Spring (For viewing only)
4. Hanging Bridge and Seven Falls
5. Dipping Pool
6. Swimming Pools


Insider Tip:

Better bring your own cooked food or raw food to grill - they have some grilling stations in every cottage and cabana. If you did not bring any food, don't panic because they have a food court area which is comprised of some local restaurants such as Enting's Special of Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

I highly recommend you to stay overnight in the resort because the weather gets colder at night time and it's such a perfect place to relax, unwind, and free yourself from the busy city life. The place is peaceful and serene, and actually some roads don't have lamp posts. This darkness brings a weird and relaxing energy somehow.

If you love taking good care and collecting different kinds and colors of flowers, there are a lot of flower shops lined-up near the Slide For Life Zipline. The price of flowers start at PHP 30 and up depending on the kind at color.


Frankly speaking, I am a proud Bacolodnon and a proud Negrosanon and I am more proud of the tourist destinations my province have to offer.  :)


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