The Mövenpick Hotel in Hamburg - NOT Your Typical City Hotel

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The Mövenpick Hotel in Hamburg - NOT Your Typical City Hotel

There is the entrance... but where is the hotel?

The entrance of the Mövenpick Hotel in Hamburg is built into the hill and you won't find the typical hotel lobby, right after the entrance.

You first have to walk there. Not that the way from the entrance to the hotel is really long, but it seems to be longer than usual and more spectacular.

There is a long hallway with a flat escalator, which gets you with a light increase up the hill and to the lobby.

Arriving at the lobby shows you right away that this is not your typical city hotel. Wherever you look you see red brick stones, spotlighted nicely.

The hotel staff welcomes you warmly and your stay in Hamburg starts the right way.


Your stay in an old water tower:

The lobby is still underground. The way to the inner part of the water tower, where you find the lifts, will lead you through the area where in the past were two huge water cisterns.

Listen! You will still hear the soft murmur of the water!

In the passageway are built in loudspeakers, which reflects the roots of this tower. You'll find as well a business center, a comfy lounge and the cave bar on this level.

One level up, the ground floor, you'll find the restaurant. If you are tired from a long day in Hamburg, this is a good place to eat a delicious dinner. The price ratio for the menu is good and yummy and gets accompanied by a good wine.

Also the breakfast is the way you would expect to have from a Swiss hotel chain. Plenty of choices, in a good quality and as tasty as a breakfast can get.

Before we head to the upper levels, where you find the 224 double rooms up to level 14 and the different suites in level 15 and 16, we take a small detour to the conference area and the spa/fitness area.

There are several conference rooms, in the water tower or in the glass extension next to it. They are suitable to host 8 up to 200 people. A smaller one, for around 10 persons, is right next to the tower and beneath the ground. It got a pyramid roof made of glass and a view onto the tower. That's a place where working makes more fun.

The wellness area is quite small, but got all you need from fitness machines, two different saunas and a cozy area to relax, all kept with the influence of the water tower.


But the main reason for your stay is probably, that you will also need a place to sleep, right?

Each room is furnitured on a high standard and you will not find one single room, which have the same size as in any other hotel. Why is that? The water tower got an octagonal form on the outside and the inner part with the lifts is round, so that all rooms have to be fitted to those two forms.

The inner design got the touch of the 60ies, but the standard of today. OK... not completely. There is no free WiFi provided for all rooms and only for the superior categories.

But therefore you'll have a nice tiny yellow duck in your bathroom.

Prices are around € 200,- per night, which is usual for a hotel of that class and for a popular destination. Check for special rates, when staying for 2 nights, on the weekend or when booking early in advance to get discounts up to 20%.


The location of the Mövenpick in Hamburg:

The Schanzenviertel - I highly recommend to stay where you are (if you stay in the Mövenpick)!

The Schanzenviertel is a district to check out when visiting Hamburg. It's the "In" district, where you find many cafes, bars, independent shops and boutiques. It's the typical Hamburg culture you'll find here. No big chains, which you'll find as well in every other shopping street in Europe. Usually these kind districts stay for a while, until they get too cult and become too popular. That's a normal process, so don't wait too long and enjoy the Schanzenviertel the way it is now.

If you still want to see the city centre, which you actually should do as well, the hotel lies right next to the subway with trams to the Landungsbrücken (river) and into the city centre. Give it a 5 - 10 minute ride and you are there.

Tip: Buy the Hamburg Card! With that card you are able to use all public transport, which even includes the harbour ferries (not harbour tours). The card costs around € 9,- per day and per person and provides as well disounts for several activities.

Why not hop on the ferry (line 62)  and ship yourself to the Elbstrand with its funky cafes "Strandperle" and "Ahoi".


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