Love on the Road - Roadmances

Love on the Road - Roadmances

I’ve been a traveler all my life because my whole family is too.

The endless possibilities for exploration, discovery, and friendship are the precious things you can only get by traveling.

And sometimes when you least expect it love also comes out smacking you in the face.

Did I mention that my parents meet on a trip (and that is why my family loves to travel)? Yes, my parents are both Americans but they met outside the US – Moscow to be specific – while traveling. 

They are living proof that somewhere down the road love can be found.


I was not spared by the “roadmance” bug.

Once, whilst traveling around Asia, we were on our way to Bali when our flight was delayed. I met this American guy at the airport who was so nice and pretty good looking. He has this witty humor that I love most in a guy, but I was not looking for a relationship, so I just kept arms length. We talked for hours, had coffee while waiting, and enjoyed each other’s company. When the flight was ready to board, we parted our ways and didn’t exchange contact details apart from our full names.

After staying in Bali for five days, we returned to the US.  When I opened my Facebook account, I was surprised to find that this American guy I had met had added me as a friend.

It was then I realized there are many little perks of “roadmance”. 
If you get involved with a local you can learn about the culture hands-on (pun intended), pick up the language and visit romantic spots that only locals know of. If you happen to fall for another traveler, they may become your new travel-mate to your next location and carry your oversize backpack for you. Like my American guy, after he added me, we went on a couple of local travel adventures and have plans to travel together outside the county in the future. We definitely connected during that first meeting in the airport. Who knows where this might lead.
Right now, we are just enjoying our new-found company and traveling the world together.
Not all “roadmances” work out though.
Last year when I went to Italy with my best friend, she had this major crush over an Italian guy in the first few days of our travel. They went out together for almost a week (yes we barely saw her during that trip) and then parted ways (this is what sucks with travel relationships). My best friend was lost and felt so lonely after our departure. They tried to make the long-distance relationship work, but in the end, it was just too much.
Bear in mind though that every day, thousands of travelers get together and then quickly say goodbye as they move to the next city. But at the end of it, you are left with some amazing memories and happy feelings. This is what makes travel romances so beautiful. They really add that pinch of happiness and life to our holidays.
So which destinations are perfect for finding love?
Personally, I think countries like Brazil, Italy and France are terrific for singles to visit, as people in those countries are a lot more forward. If you’re looking to find love, flirting or dating in those places can be great. I remember when I was in Brazil, a number of men complimented my sister and me on the street. Most of them are good looking and I would not mind dating them. I’ve heard solo travelers complain about Hawaii and certain Caribbean islands because they get there and it’s honeymoon central, which can be depressing.
So stay away from those!  ;-)
What’s most important is that you choose a place that excites you and that you’ll be thrilled you visited whether you have a romantic fling or not.
And when you go somewhere you’re happy, you’ll radiate that and look your best, and be more likely to meet someone.


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