Living and Exploring Emilia-Romagna in Italy for a Full Month!

Living and Exploring Emilia-Romagna in Italy for a Full Month!

This is the longest time I've stayed abroad in one specific destination for a looooong time!

And I'm looking forward to it!

No, it won't be a holiday! Lindsay and I will produce a few nice travel videos and we will share our experiences live with you!

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The itinerary for the first week will include:
- Hiking in the Apennines
- Visit a Wine producer/farm
- Spa day
- Cooking class

Is there any specific town or region you want me to visit and check out?
Check out the map here: - Emilia-Romagna

Is there something you always wanted to find out? Maybe why there is no Spagetthi Bolognese in Bologna?


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See you in Italy!



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