Let's Explore Serbia - What I Expect

Let's Explore Serbia - What I Expect

When you think of Serbia in Europe, what comes to your mind?

That it's a travel destination?

Probably not and I'm sure you would have listed other countries first, you would like to explore.

That was no different to me, but now I had the chance to visit and explore Serbia and I was excited right away!

Why? Because I have no expectations and no idea what will await me. Brilliant and those surprises are what I love about traveling. 

I got an itinerary and I was very curious to go online and to find out more, but I want to keep that empty space in my head about Serbia and be surprised what it offers!

Together with my good friend Kash, also known as the Budget Traveller, we'll start our trip in Belgrade.


The itinerary includes:

- visit of Lepinski Vir, with a possible visit of the Smederevo fortress;
- hiking trail "Top of the World" near Misin Breg
- Tabula Traiana boat tour
- tour with a Derdap NP ranger to a lookout near Veliki Strbac
- visit of Felix Romuliana
- visit of Knjazevaz
- Suva Planina with some paragliding and mountain biking
- visit the Manasija monastery and a visit at vodopad Veliki Buk
- nightlife tour Belgrade

I'm very excited about the paragliding, but also to see the nature of Serbia, if it's by hiking, biking or with a kayak.

So I will make it #mySerbia and will share my experiences via this hashtag on various social sites.

Who is joining:
Kash - budgettraveler.org
Becki - bordersofadventure.com
Rob - stophavingaboringlife.com
Zorica - eurotribe.com
Milos - milosblog.com
Uros - neblog.bjuti.info
Thiago - bemvindoaservia.com

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Have you been to Serbia? Then win a surprise weekend for two:

Share your photos, videos, tips and experiences and what made your trip so much fun. Share it on a social site and add the hashtag #MySerbia.
Becki, Kash, Rob and I will then choose a winner after the trip.


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