Let's Explore the Adventurous and Luxurious #MyMauritius

Let's Explore the Adventurous and Luxurious #MyMauritius

I am sooooo excited!

Just a few more hours/days and I'll fly to... Mauritius!

What kind of holiday would you expect when one of your friends or you would think of a holiday in Mauritius?

Take a better look at the photo on the right or these ones in the gallery? That hits it quite good already, right? That's at least what would have been in my mind. But it seems that I will see that Mauritius is soooo much more than just beautiful hotels, amazing sunsets and its pool views onto the sea!


Let's take a look at my adventurous and fun plans:

- Kite Surfing with Heritage Le Telfair
It's the first time I'll try it. A few friends are into it and so far I always denied to give it a go, as I knew that just another hobby would get added. OK, now it's the time where I just can't say no any longer!

- Horseriding 
My last horse ride was in the Drakensberg, South Africa. I loved being so close to nature while getting shaked through. I just hope that my horse is nice and friendly and not too stubborn. Maybe a ride on the beach is included? That would be a premiere for me!

- Quad Bike Tour 
When I lived in California, we had 2 quads and it was so much fun to drive through dried out river beds. In South Africa I had again the fun to play around with the quad a bit on a practice field. This will be the first time driving a quad on an island and I'm looking forward to see where this ride will get me.

- Canyoning with Otelair
Yay! Jumping and sliding down rocks into fresh water surrounded by a gorge! Love it! This is for sure not what I had expected in Mauritius. The more I'm curious how this will be!

- Coast to Coast Mountain Biking Race by CRA Bike Shop
Sure, from time to time I get on a bike to race with others to finish 70 km... NOT! Who set up this part of the itinerary? I've seen photos of Mauritius and there are some great looking mountains! I hope the organizers of the race haven't decided that I have to torture myself up those hills! But yeah... I'm 100% up for this task, as long I just need to cycle tiny bits of that track!

- Sky Dive with Sky Dive Austral Mauritius
Fingers crossed that there is not too much wind and we can lift off & jump down! This sounds epic! I've seen photos of skydiving in Mauritius. There is you, lots of water beneath you and you have to land on that island. My first skydive was in the Costa Brava, Spain and I absolutely loved it. How will it be this time? I hope I won't have too much muscle pain of the bike race from the day before.

- Wakeboarding with Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel
This is a fun activity on Mauritius. Just imagine dropping into the crystal blue water and sliding through it with your board. The last time I wakeboard is some time ago and it was beneath a cable on a lake. So this time it's going to be in a lagoon and behind a boat. I'm looking forward to it.

- Catamaran Sailing with 20 degrees Sud
Seeing a destination from the water is always something special. It's a unique way to explore a region. I as well really like sailing, so that I'm looking forward to see the landscape of Mauritius from the sea. Maybe we are lucky and will even spot some dolphins!


And then there is of course also the luxurious way to explore and this will include winding down from the day's activities at top hotels and enjoying delicious island cuisine.

Hotels of my stay will be:

- Heritage Le Telfair
- Long Beach Mauritius
- Club Med La Plantation d'Albion
- Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel

Have you chosen one already where you would like to stay? Which pool looks most inviting?


Mauritius is a paradise for the senses, not only for the eyes with its beautiful landscape, but also for the palate. Culinary traditions from France, India, China and Africa, the best-known and appreciated cuisines in the world, have been passed on through generations.

Restaurants of my stay will be:

- Heritage Le Telfair
- Domaine de l'Etoile
- l'Archipel of Constance Le Prince Maurice
- La Pirogue Ile Maurice
Club Med La Plantation d'Albion
- Concert and drinks at Big Willy's Bar


Will the trip promis what it sounds like? You can find out easily by following #MyMauritius on:


With me there will be Keith (velvetescape.com), Emiel (actoftraveling.com), Nellie and Alberto (wildjunket.com), Robert (stophavingaboringlife.com), Yvonne (justtravelous.com), Yibo (blog.sina.com.cn/qiseditu), Adeline (voyagesetc.fr), Jerry Jerneh (jerrykite.com), Meruschka (mzansigirl.com), Ishay (foodandthefabulous.com) and last but not least one of my favorite video bloggers Caspar (storytravelers.com).

We will all share our different experiences via the social sites mentioned above. Most of us have different itineraries, so that you can expect much more than what is listed in this post. For example will you see Mauritius out of a helicopter view, but as well how glass and boats get produced, deep sea fishing, wellness will be another program point of others, golf, hiking in the mountains, sea kayaking and many other things.

Now I just need to wait a bit longer to get there and lift of...

Air Mauritius is the premium airline flying to Mauritius and their hub in Europe is the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. It's the first time I'll fly via Paris. I know from other travelers, that CDG is not their favorite airport, but one of my favorite quote says "Don't Listen, Go See!". So I'm going to do just that and will see how smoothly this will work out. But I know that there are also direct flights from London and for sure also from other airports.

When stepping out of the plane I will as well see the new Terminal on Mauritius itself. I think it's always exciting to land at new airports, as each is so different. Especially with the new ones I set high expectations. I took a first look via Google maps and it looks cozy small and elegant. Sounds good already! :)


So stay tuned and marker one or two weeks in your calendar for next year's holiday!  ;-)


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