Lego-Land for French Tourists! Guinness Record Holders

Lego-Land for French Tourists! Guinness Record Holders

What do you do after 4-5 hours of homework on a Wednesday?

Go to ‘Musée du Jouet’, France’s biggest Lego display.

Two hundred square metres of giant, animated and size models made of Lego and K’NEX. Reasonably priced at 3€/child under 12 and 4€ for everyone else, and a maximum 1 hour time frame.


It does not take long to walk through the display rooms, so we went back around to take a closer look at all the different scenes. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ showcase was Daniel’s favourite, with Captain Jack’s ship with the plank to shark infested waters and mermaids swimming in the sea. The busy port protected by soldiers with guns, also had a prison to keep the bad guys.

I loved the beach scene with a full harbour full of tankers, ships and sailboats. On shore, they even had a McDonald’s with a drive through, sunbathers lying out on beds, hot air balloons in the sky, and hotels and homes on the streets. It reminded me of Valrus plague in the middle of summer with busy tourists about.

After our tour, we sat in one of the rooms full of tables set up to play at with mounds of Lego in the middle. We all found a platform and sat to build something on them. No surprise to me, we built houses.

Alfonz loved watching us digging for pieces and playing together as a family.

In total, we stayed just over 1 hour.

The rainy fall weather made it feel as though we did not miss a thing outside. Our visit turned out to be a great reward for the kids after so much French homework, and ended up being the perfect mental break!

We came home to a phenomenal sunset, followed by a family movie night, and watched ‘Red Dog.’