Larnaca and Skarinou, Cyprus - Day One

An Epic Cyprus Road Trip:

Larnaca and Skarinou, Cyprus - Day One

I reached Cyprus from Turkey via Athens on an Olympic Air flight, and landed in Larnaca.

It was early in the afternoon so I still had some time to have a look around before heading to the agritourism where I was going to spend my first two nights.

I picked up my car and headed to the center of Larnaca, where I visited the Ayios Lazaros Church (late 9th Century AD) and then had a nice stroll on the sea promenade


Let me tell you something: there are tons of amazing churches in Cyprus, most of which are UNESCO heritage.

I am not much into churches (or mosques, monasteries or anything like that) but it’s worth to visit a couple of them just to have an idea of how they look like, and to see the amazing paintings and mosaics they have inside. Usually the outside of the churches in Cyprus is very simple but when you enter… it’s another world. 

As I was very tired I went back to the car and got lost… Let me tell you something else: when you are in Larnaca, don’t think “I will take this road as a shortcut” if you are not familiar with that area. You will probably end up somewhere else, which is fun if you are exploring, but pretty frustrating if you’re tired as I was!

Last but not least, I headed to Skarinou, where my accommodation was booked, but of course I got the wrong way so it took me ages to arrive. This is because I didn’t want to take the highway so I got lost a million times.

The good thing is that I came across a beautiful sunset over the Larnaca Salt Lake, and I could stop to take photos, which I couldn’t have done if I were on the highway! 

Everything has pros and cons.


Travel diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti