Kil-a-man-jaro Fundraising Trek

Kil-a-man-jaro Fundraising Trek

Fresh off leading the 2008 Mt Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek, which raised over $40,000 for the Africa Children’s fund, Libby Wann sent a riveting email to her family and friends about her life changing experience on the ‘roof-top of Africa’ that will have you on the edge of your seat!

“It’s been about a week since I returned from Africa. As often happens when momentous trips conclude, the overwhelming immediacy of emotions, still vivid and raw on the plane ride home, have already begun to fade- leaving me with only a thin dreamlike residue of my African adventure of which to cling.

The trip was so dynamic in its challenges- quite complete in its depth of experiences.

Literally, in my 20 odd days on the road, I cried numerous times. Some tears were bitter, some sweet, some from exhaustion and some from joy.

I sat in tattered school rooms listening to orphans sing hymns, and only several days later sat perched on a rock at 15,000 ft. watching the clouds snake their way up the tallest mountain in Africa. I played soccer in a park with refugee children displaced from post election violence, discussed the upcoming American election with a Masai chief, visited the ‘cradle of humanity’, and gave myself a pat on the back for somehow coordinating a trip for 17 strangers and seeing them safely through a politically unstable country to which I had never before visited.

I watched a pride of lions circle and stalk a gazelle from 20 feet away on the Masai Mara plains, and stood atop a 19,368 ft. peak in a raging snowstorm. I struggled with a way to organize this email… there truly is too much to write about, and although on a personal level it seems cathartic to get it all out in some chronological order, I will try to sum it all up with a few special memories."