Kalopanayiotis - A Small, Traditional and Picturesque Village on Cyprus - Day Five

An Epic Cyprus Road Trip:

Kalopanayiotis - A Small, Traditional and Picturesque Village on Cyprus - Day Five

This was probably the longest and most demanding day of my stay, but I am glad I saw so many things!

First of all, I checked out from my hotel in Kakopetria and started heading west towards my destination of the day: Polis, on the west coast of Cyprus and just above the Akamas Peninsula – back to the sea!

But not quite yet.  


On the way, I stopped at Kalopanayiotis, a small, traditional and picturesque village with its famous St John Lampadistis monastery. 

In Pedoulas, a very quiet and serene little town, I paid a quick visit to the folklore museum and the Archangel Michael church (1474 AD). So simple and small. This is the kind of church I like!

The last (but not least!) ‘religious landmark’ of the day was the famous Kikkos Monastery (1100 AD), with its beautiful mosaics, gentle monks and an entire section of the church for relics. 

Then off to some hiking! Before leaving the mountainous area of Troodos, I had a hike in the Cedar Valley, so called and well known for the cedar forests that cover its mountains and valleys. It was just me and the trail, and I didn’t meet anyone else during my 2 hours hike… scary?

No, awesome!

A quick stop at Stavros Tis Psokkas to spot some mufflons (the typical animals of the area) and then back on the car and down to Polis! What a beautiful trip. The road to Polis is incredibly scenic. 

I checked in at the Natura Beach Resort in Polis, had a quick dip into the sea, wondering if I’d get to see the hatching of the many turtle eggs on the resort’s beach, and relaxed after a long day.


Travel diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti