Jordan - Definitely Worth to Explore

Jordan - Definitely Worth to Explore

Will you be able to explore the whole of Jordan in 7 days? No, not really... but which destination can you?

I was in Jordan for these exact 7 days and I was really impressed. Other travelers were in Jordan as well for a similar time and they liked it as well. So why not add all the experiences together in a single big one?

That should give you a much better picture of the destination, right? Great! Here we go...


Shame on me!

I was not well prepared at all when I arrived in Hamman. The more impressed I was when I found very old ruins, the Citadel, which lies right on a hill in the city centre of Amman.

There I realized the first time about the very interesting history, which Jordan got to offer for travelers.


Sure, I have seen the photos of the Treasury of Petra, which the PlanetD posted on their blog. And there are many more travel blogs where you will find nice photos and articles about Jordan and especially about Petra. There is for example the one from Isabelle's Travel "Petra in Photos", Abigail King's "The Power of a Path Into Darkness" or WildJunket's "The Ancient City of Petra and Wadi Musa". These make you wanna go there, right?

But even reading posts like these, I had no real idea what to expect.

Suddenly standing and looking at the oldest map of the Holy Land, which you'll find in the Church of the Map in Madaba, is quite something. If you look more closely at the map, you'll see that it's not 100% correct, but hey... it wasn't shot from a satellite! I'm sure that many travelers, me inlcuded, wouldn't be able to draw a map that accurate after they have been to Jordan.


On the way south towards Petra, it's not just all about historical sightseeing. There is also the chance to relax in natural hot water pools. Michael from Go, See, Write had a good and relaxed time at the Evason Ma'in Hot Springs and shares his experience in "A Little Slice of Relaxation Heaven in Jordan".

But THE sight not to miss on your visit, is Petra!

By luck I've experienced it in a way, which increases the excitement from day to day. Don't start with the highlight right away. Give it an easy go and see how you can experience Petra the best way.

Petra has more to offer and Keith from Velvet Escape shares his experiences.


Was Petra my personal highlight? No, that was further South in Wadi Rum!

Have you ever been in a situation where your heartbeat or your breathing disturbed the silence? I found myself in just that situation when I climbed on the tallest mountain of Wadi Rum. Do you have to climb a mountain to enjoy an incredible view? No, why not spend a few bucks and get up into the air with a hot air balloon?

But it's also the small experiences, which made my trip so special. For example I found The Loo with a View. Sounds crazy?  It was... and special! When talking about loos... A successful trip also includes delicious food, correct? Isabelle says that "every meal is a fest in Jordan". Looks yummy, right? Not to forget about the people you meet. "Children are a reflection of their culture" says Janice and I agree with her.


Is Jordan just about desert destinations and maybe sleeping in Bedouin tents? No... Have you ever thought of Jordan as a diving destination? If not, you should! I wouldn't compare it to the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, but it's also not that far away... flight wise.

If I would recommend Jordan and go back to explore more? Sure I would and I'm thankful for the Jordan Tourism Board for inviting me. 


You see how tough it is, to get several 7 day Jordan experiences written down in one post. Therefore we decided to bring Jordan even a bit closer to you. Look out for many more exciting posts on Twitter via #GoJordan on Friday and Saturday (15 & 16th December). You'll be excited, trust me!

Do you have any questions about Jordan?

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