Instead of getting to Bali, we are now in Slovenia and heading towards Croatia

We missed our flights! Where will this trip bring us?:

Instead of getting to Bali, we are now in Slovenia and heading towards Croatia

This is a complete new experience... we missed our flights and we should be in Bali now.

Well... we are in Slovenia and we really like it!

Our plan is to head to Croatia and we actually wanted to be there already, but we go with the flow, so we got off the freeway and discovered the beautiful area Bitcev in the north of Slovenia. When the weather is fine tomorrow, we will may stay another night and will go mountain biking or kayaking. Or we will head on to the adriatic sea... to Croatia.

How did it happen that we ended up in Europe... here we won t find any rice terraces like in Bali.

I must say that I completely messed up our flights. That was an experience, I can tell you that! But I rescued it right away... or at least tried to. Malaysian Airlines seems to be a big international airline, so I tried to phone them. I called the Frankfurt numbers, where we were flying from. But there was no one at the airport or in the city office, as it was Sunday.

Next call: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines. They should be able to help!

No they are not! They were able to tell me that we missed our flights. Wow! I haven t realized that one!

They told me that they would use a different reservation system and weren t able to help. Ok, so I thought to call someone else in Europe. Heathrow is a huge aiport as well, so I called their offices there... where did the call was transfered to? Kuala Lumpur!

What a customer service is that, where all customers get transfered to a place, where they can t help you? That was my first thought, suddenly they were at least able to rebook (reserve) a flight for the next day in the same L rate (economy) but weren t able to tell anything about price differences.

No worries, I knew that I had a rebooking fee of 150 Euros. So we headed to Frankfurt Airport right away the next morning. We arrived and got the information at the check in that the plane was really empty, so it wouldn t be a problem to get on it. But we would have first to get the new tickets at another counter. So we went there and they suddenly told us, that the whole booking was canceled!

You can imagine how I felt! The trip and flight was so close! But we got the info that there would be another flight on Wednesday and that we should go to the Malaysian City office in Frankfurt. Luckily we were able to stay with friends and headed the next morning right away to the Malaysian Airlines office. At that moment I was soooo sure that now this trip would end happily and at least in Kuala Lumpur if not even in Bali.

No it didn t!!!

The Wednesday flight would have been ok, but not the return flight, which we still should be able to have, if not someone would have canceled it! We were told everything was full! There was only the highest Y rate (economy) still free.

I really still wonder, why Malaysia Airlines isn t able to rebook a low economy rate into a high one, especially as at that moment, they totally messed up the booking. I know that I was the one who missed the flight at first, but we would have paid the rebooking fee and we were told that we would have gotten the same L rate the next day and the flight was empty! There was no one able to talk to, to help a passenger! I still don t get it!

Malaysian Airlines... well done!  lol

Luckily Slovenia and Croatia are also very nice and were on our to do list as well.

So we got in my car, which got a damaged exhaust at the moment. We chose to take this one, as we wanted to park it at a park and ride station for the while of our trip. Who would have stolen or broken in that kind of car...

Now we drive with a really loud car and just hope that the exhaust won t drop at some point. lol

We arrived in Munich yesterday and met up with a friend and this morning we went on our way and drove through the beautiful landscape of the Austrian and Slovenian Alps. That was really great!

From now on we just see where we will end up. We bought us some magazines, a travel guide and looked up some tips on At this point: Thanks for sharing your experiences!

We are looking forward to the next days!

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