I'm off to Brazil.... No, I'm not! I'm off to Peru!

I'm off to Brazil.... No, I'm not! I'm off to Peru!

Seriously, I was telling my friends I would be off to Brazil instead of traveling to Peru.

Call me a world traveler!

How could that happen?


I was looking for a fab and new destination to explore with GAdventures, actually my first ever complete organized tour! Usually I travel independent and organize all by myself. I was first thinking of visiting the Galapagos Islands, but as we have a baby-travel-dude now, I didn't want to stay away for too long. The Galapagos trips sounded awesome, but had all a duration of over 2 weeks.

I love the nature and the wildlife, so next in the list was Botswana. Yay! I've done a self-drive safari in Tanzania and loved it. So Botswana sounded great, but the package included Namibia. I know, Namibia is worth a trip, but this trip would have included to be in the deserts for quite a while. Yes, I know that the desert in Namibia is special and it stays on my to-do list! Just a few months ago, I was in Jordan, which I really loved, but would have liked to see something greener on my next trip.

The Amazon River!

That sounded perfect! I've seen many documentaries, photos and videos about the Amazon in... Brazil!

I do know, or hope, that I knew that I was flying to where the Amazon starts, which is in Peru. But I just can't remember. :)  If I could choose, I would have made that decision to head first to Lima and then to Iquitos. Lucky me! :)
Iquitos is a city in the middle of the jungle and can only be reached by plane or via the Amazon. The following days I'll stay on one of these tiny and cool looking river cruise boats.
What do I have to expect?

Piranhas! Mosquitoes...many! "Murder" ants which even eat plastic! Anacondas! Pink River Dolphins! Caimans! Monkeys! More than 4000 species of birds!

But also fish which eat testicals...  Really? Am I still going? ;-)

Soon you will find out!

What would you recommend me to bring or do when exploring a river in a rainforest? Help me here!