Ignite Your Senses in Matera

Ignite Your Senses in Matera

Sometimes in the world of the working, it pays to be able to slow down, take a break and relax in a paradise far away from normal day to day life.

Hidden in the south of Italy, a secret in itself is calling out to those who wish to experience a slow pace of life within a vibrant area, and to become the centre of everything Italian.

So come and discover Basilicata with me!

I have found that within Basilicata there are many different places to visit, each one offering something distinct to that area.


However Matera in particular really did grab my attention, as at the bottom of the ravine is a place called The Sassi. The Sassi is a compacted area where until the 1950’s locals lived in cave dwelling’s amongst the harshest conditions as within the caves families ate, slept, worked and lived. A concept that is shocking to you and me today.

I think what made me fall in love with Matera so much, and what excites me to want to travel here, is the romantic feel and beautiful sounds that can be felt and heard while wandering the alleys of The Sassi. During the day, you cannot beat sitting in the Piazza del Sedile square, with a freshly grounded cup of coffee, and the hot Italian sun warming your cheeks whilst listening to the classical music poring through the cracks of the Conservatory and its practice rooms.


However if like me, you are an old romantic, the sound of the music doesn’t go quite when dusk falls, and as it starts to get dark The Sassi becomes a sensual place, with the sound of the choir falling from the Matera Cathedral onto The Sassi bellow you can hear it echo about the cave dwellings and around the secret alleyways, making it a spectacular place for love and romance, and if you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay but still want to be able to view the rustic look of The Sassi, the Palazzo Gattini is the perfect hotel; once the Bishops Palace, this hotel has arched ceilings, beautiful decor and incredible facilities, definitely somewhere I am desperate to stay!

I heard that if you sit on the roof top balcony you can still hear the classical music from the Cathedral over The Sassi and the view is nothing less than magical.

The winding cobble streets, quirky buildings and music that runs throughout makes Matera a beautiful town and somewhere that I would like to visit, to watch, to listen and to love. 

A place that has made me want to know more about it, and about Basilicata.