"I saw a place I like, it's called world" -Cremonini

"I saw a place I like, it's called world" -Cremonini

Hello everyone!

I'm Eleonora, a young, lively and radiant girl from Sardinia!

I love to travel, I love to see new countries, new faces, new ways of life, my suitcase is always ready for new adventures! I live in a little town called Usini that counts around 4.300 people, it's little but it's a pretty place and all the residents are so nice; anyway me and my sister go to schools in a different city, Sassari, which offers more services, my parents have their shops there too, it's my second home :)

I love to live on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is quite big but it's not that much populated and it has so many enviable beautiful sights! The beaches are its characteristic feature, the calm and transparent sea and the white sand can surely compete with the Caribbeans, no joke. The beach is a part of my life, it only takes 10 minutes from my house to get to the seaside, you can imagine how often we're laying in the sun, we're always tanned!

Okay, that's enough, I don't wanna sound like one of those crazy patriotic people, but I really like it and I'm proud of being Italian. I'm young, I know it, but I've already traveled a lot, I've seen three different coninents and I've walked on many countries, and many things cursed me along my trips but I've always kept my island in my heart.

I like to share my stories with other travelers and that's what brought me here. I can't wait to travel around the world through other travelers' experiences, and, who knows, through these posts I might find my next destination too ;)

Lots of love