The Hunt for Paradise

The Hunt for Paradise

Paradise is snow. It is sun. It is cloud forests.
It is sea. It is beach. It is ancient. It is modern.

Above all else, it is relative.  And my intent is to define it.

For me, the concept of ‘paradise’ shifts every couple of years.  It started off basic: cliché tropical beaches, swaying palm trees. And sharks. Lots of sharks. One of My earliest memories was off of Harbour Island in the Bahamas, jaw agape in awe as I watched a family of gray reef sharks move through the liquid glass like an aquatic  pack of wolves.


After a couple of years, I added another layer of complexity to this definition: ancient civilization, thanks to Tulum. 

At five years old, I remember scampering up the ruins of Tulum with my imagination - dressed in traditional Mayan sacrificial garb -chasing me. Half a day later, I added a pinch of ‘danger’ to that definition – blasting into my life when my arm went through a car window on the Yucatan highway.  Hours from the nearest hospital, my parents took me to a traditional healer – who applied a bandage made of a smashed rice paste to my arm, and ordered me to swim in the ocean. That scar exists to this day. So does the character I owe to that scar.

And so my definition of ‘paradise’ altered time and time again. Mexico, Spain, Belize, The Caribbean Islands, Russia, Egypt, Japan are just some of the places my definition rooted itself. But paradise isn’t just scenery.  


Paradise is an ageless culture.

It’s a country’s attractions. It’s the lifestyle of the people.  It’s service.  It’s the unfamiliar. It’s the exotic.  It’s home. And to each and every person out there on this great Earth, it’s relative.  

This is now my search – my hunt – to define the concept of paradise that will likely never end. Today, I am now trying to take this self-reflection and share it with you. Your definition just as easily alters mine. So be a part of it. And let’s hunt for the concept of paradise together.


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