How Did I Come about Blogging about Adelaide, South Australia?

How Did I Come about Blogging about Adelaide, South Australia?

Hi! I’m Ottilie. A regular 22-year old, originally from York, UK.  I’m now living in London (where I recently graduated from King's College) and study Psychology at Middlesex University.  I enjoy singing, socialising and pre-cooked pasta.

Oh, and I’ve won a trip to Adelaide, South Australia, which is why you’re now reading these lines.

I bet you’re thinking ‘lucky girl, winning a free trip to Australia’; but trust me, it didn’t come easy.  I paid a high price. My pride. My dignity. Re-living some of the most nightmarish moments of my life so far…

To enter the ‘Get me to Adelaide’ competition that ran on Facebook last year I had to post an embarrassing parents’ story describing a moment in my life when I wanted to get away from them.  A long way away to a place like Australia? As painful as it was, I started typing:

 ‘My Mum decided to take up rollerblading (in her forties), but unfortunately, our garden wasn’t big enough to practice in. So she turned up at my school in the middle of the day and was attempting to skate around the playground, which the school looked over. Everyone at school ended up watching her from the windows, I was absolutely mortified when somebody realised and announced it was my Mum. To make matters worse the head teacher had to run out and ask her to leave.’ 

Anyway, it was all worthwhile in the end. 


Here I am, getting ready and all excited about my adventure in Adelaide, Australia.

To be honest, until a couple of months ago I didn’t even know where Adelaide was. I’m told it’s in South Australia. I imagine a thick line across the middle of the continent and ‘South Australia’ being everything below the line Right?

Wrong actually.  

South Australia is one of Australia’s six states and two territories, founded by Colonel William Light in 1836. The population of the State is some 1.6 million people, of which 1.3 million live in the capital city, Adelaide. I’m told Adelaide is one of the best planned metropolises in the world. Big statement; it might just be time to put it to the test. But we’ll get to that later.

 My purpose as an Adelaide-discoverer, you ask?

Well, I’ll be the eyes and ears of those who want to find out more about the lifestyle and opportunities on offer for students in Adelaide. Everything from study opportunities, budget travel, getting close and personal with amazing wildlife and enjoying the city and incredible calendar of festivals (FUN! FUN! FUN!).

I will be visiting all the university campuses and talking to students about their Adelaide experience. There will also be a lot of travelling involved, discovering what’s on offer within a 100km radius from Adelaide CBD: wildlife, beaches, vineyards, history (and the occasional Aussie Rules Football game).

I’m not going to pretend I’m an experienced travel blogger.  I’m not.  But I’d love to share my journey with you. So if you’re keen to have a laugh then follow my blog.

The journey starts here.