Hitting the road for Traveldudes - Costa Brava Blogtrip

Hitting the road for Traveldudes - Costa Brava Blogtrip

Who knew a damaged meniscus could bring me to Costa Brava... I didn't and Sven from Traveldudes neither. But his bad luck brought me good luck. (Get well soon Sven!)

Thanks to Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona and Spanair my flight was booked in about half an hour and so I'm going to hit the road for Traveldudes from 3 till 10 May. YAY.


I've never been to Costa Brava but always wanted to see the wild side of Spain. Wild side? Yes, cause Brava is the Catalan and Spanish word for wild and Costa, yes sure: coast.

And this trip will be really wild. What we gonna do and see is top secret. So how do I know it's gonna be wild? Well, we were asked if we wanna do parachuting or flying with a light aircraft. And I choosed, yes, (making the sign of the cross) parachuting. So keep your fingers crossed that I won't chicken out in the air...

Beneath this adventure there's another thing going to broaden my horizon. Literally. A ride (and not a flight!!) in a hot air balloon. Really looking forward to this and to see the beautiful nature of Costa Brava from above as I bet my eyes will be closed during the parachuting.

So what else do I know about this trip? Dúnia from the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona gave me one last hint: it has something to do with food and one of the best restaurants in the world. Hm, there are several ones in Costa Brava, it could be "El Celler de Can Roca" which is right now the second best restaurant in the whole world or it could be "El Bulli" which was the second best last year and even the best restaurant in the world in 2009.

Either way it will be delicious!

So look out on twitter for the hashtag #InCostaBrava and follow my tweets @traveldudes and @JustTravelous to find out where this trip will take me...

travel cheers,


Thanks to the Costa Brava Tourist Board for inviting Traveldudes!
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Written and contributed for Traveldudes by JustTravelous