The History of Blewcoat School

The History of Blewcoat School

Blewcoat School is a "secret" place that is not known to many.

Today it is a small boutique that goes in line with the recent trend and is definitely a place worth visiting.

The history of Blewcoat School

London is a city that is flooded with many historical sites and Blewcoat School is one among them. This place is a beautiful townhouse made up of red bricks that looks very glorious. This place was originally constructed in the year 1709 by a London brewer in order to give education to the poor kids. It was just a school till 1926 and later on it served as the main London gift shop of the national trust.

The place has interesting history. In the year 1688 a charity school was started in Soho with the help of funds collected by public subscription. The main aim of this school was to educate 20 pool boys for the local parishes of St. John and St. Margaret in order to learn read and write. Accordingly these charity boys were educated and were given uniforms. The uniform was a long blue coat and so is the name of the school.

The charity boys were taught along with the students who paid school fees. Most of them were further educated in universities and many of them went for higher studies in the colleges. The school started taking admissions of girl students from the year 1714. The building was then utilised as a military store in World War 2.


The current Blewcoat School

In the year 2014 the school building was started by British designer Ian Stuart as a luxury boutique that specialises in current trends. The building of the school was initiated in 1709. It was built with a mixture of red and yellow bricks. On the outside one can see an idol of a charity boy dressed up in the blue coat uniform. In the interiors there is a light and big chamber that has a gilded chandelier. It is believed that Sir Christopher Wren designed the entire school however there is no strong evidence available about it.

Today the building is in use as a shop that displays some of the best and unique fashion. As it is just a shop there are no tours associated however one can go into the shop and see the displays or do some shopping.

Basically this shop is just a secret spot in London where you can learn about a bit of history while shopping and having a good time.