Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:


Ok! After eel feeding, we went to the beach. Steve and I bought cheap body boards and it was AWESOME even though I didn’t exactly like the water temperature (surprising, no?) We were surrounded by tons of 8 year olds on surf boards, but boogie boarding was enough for me.

Yesterday after another day working at Nga Manu (trail clearing, fax cutting, weeding) we took a walk to the field in Lower Hutt (showing the new volunteers the long arduous journey down the hill) and played some frisbee and 2 on 2 football.

Last night we went into Wellington for one of the highlights of my New Zealand experience. Every year there’s a “sevens” international rugby tournament in Wellington, and since that’s THE sport here, it attracts people from all over, most of them dressed in the most ridiculous costumes you could ever imagine. It’s like a combination of Halloween and Mardi Gras gone demented on steroids. And most of these people were doing crazy dances in every bar on every street. So of course, we joined in (feeling very underdressed).

This morning I’m off to the south Island to meet up with the Richmond guys. Rob’s picking me up at the train station tonight. Unfortunately, my ferry ride might not be that good – it’s really rainy outside.

Later. Wish me luck.