A Heavenly Escape to Accra

A Heavenly Escape to Accra

Have you found your heaven on Earth yet? Because I have but let me tell you a secret. It is not amongst one of the famous attractions or destinations that you would expect however it is a unique and extraordinary place. From daily expeditions to exploring the whole area on foot, several natural attractions and diverse ethnicity, there is a lot in stored for you at this heavenly site. Accra captivates almost everyone the moment that they take their first step out of the plane and onto heaven

With its lush green landscape and delightful beaches, one simply does not want to leave. This is your chance to discover the vastness of thr much talked about wilderness and some of the most unique exotic species. This is what made my experience of Accra different from any other place in the world however it was also because I stumbled upon great discounted air fares to Accra which made my trip even more pleasurable because in a small budget I was able to explore one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

 This is the only city that is your key to unlock the natural attractions of Africa. This is because Africa is less traveled to when compared to other continents.

So take a chance and you will be mesmerized by the breath of fresh air and the countless opportunities that you will be blessed with to get up close and personal with nature. Some of my favorite spots and attractions of Accra were:


Labadi Beach

This is one of Accra’s most prized possessions and is simply worth a visit not only would this trip be a relaxing one but filled with breathtakingly beautiful sceneries and sights that would leave you dumbfounded. If you are looking for serenity, peace and tranquility then Accra knows just the right ingredients to make this trip worthwhile. Head over to the Labadi beach and cool down with a dive and swim in the water to forget all your problems and worries.


Aburi Botanical Gardens

This is the best way to experience what Accra knows best. This is your chance to live in the lush greenery and the vast green lands of Accra by making a visit to one of its most famous gardens. Yes, one of the places that your trip to Accra would simply be incomplete without is the Aburi Botanical Gardens. This is a great place to escape to and gather your thoughts as you will get a few moments with just yourself and with nature. So this is your chance to escape from it all and revel in  the beauty of nature like never before. Go for a nature walk as there are several walking trails as well where you can enjoy and spot birds and simply be awed by the silence and ambience of the garden. This is a park which is home to a wide array of birds for you to spot. So stop thinking and give yourself the break that you deserve. 

One of the things that Accra is best known for is the Labadi Beach. It provides delicious foods, relaxing spots and breathtaking sceneries that would make you fall in love with this place.


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