Haiti Volunteer Journal - Karin Rumpza

Haiti Volunteer Journal - Karin Rumpza

Ya mon! Jamaica is beautiful! I arrived in Montego Bay late, but well.


I spent the first day just waiting for the other volunteers to arrive from all over the world. This is truly and amazing group.


I feel so honored to be a part of it. We are currently involved in an orientation program to prepare for our work in the field. The compassion and wealth of knowledge sitting in this room is overwhelming! We are currently working on splitting into groups to better the logistical aspects of getting 30 people into Haiti.


Being a part of this development team will for sure be hard, but rewarding. Everyone is eager to help build a sustainable program and to help ease the hard work that will follow for the communities in Haiti. (I’m not spell checking, so deal with it!!!!) I am going to keep enjoying the caribbean breeze until we leave!



Written and contributed by Karin Rumpza (via Global Volunteer Network)