Haiti - helping to reconstruct a school

Haiti Volunteer Journal - Karin Rumpza:

Haiti - helping to reconstruct a school

Bonjour from Haiti!


We are making a quick stop for construction supplies in town so I’d thought I’d give the cyber cafe a try.


We are located right outside of Port-au-Prince. We have been staying in a school that we are helping to reconstruct.


Today was the first day of school. I would call it a success!


Children showed up, as well as a few teachers. Thow owner of the school, Principle Gean, was very worried about the psychological effects that school would have on the children so we made sure it was all done outside. Most people are still afraid to enter schools.


We focused today on just getting the children there. We have other projects in the works. (Clinic, orphanage, adult education…) It’s all very exciting to be the one making contacts and setting up the programs.


Time is running out. More later.



Written and contributed by Karin Rumpza (via Global Volunteer Network)