Getting to the foot of Mt. Halcon

Rugged trips around the country:

Getting to the foot of Mt. Halcon

Half of my day was spent traveling - getting to the bus station, taking the bus for about two hours, riding the ferry, hiring a tricycle, and taking a jeepney - just to get to San Teodoro town in Oriental Mindoro.


I was there on a mission: to check our volunteer vacation site.


The night after I arrived, the sky poured down so much rain, with thunder and lightning. I was worried as I rolled on my bed. I might not be able to visit the site after all.


Finally, the morning sun smiled on me and my companions. We waited for the sun to shine its brightest despite threatening rain clouds passing by. On board a pick-up vehicle, we traveled towards dusty rough roads and got to the foot of Mt. Halcon.


The sight was a beauty. It was an affirmation that our cause of protecting some of its parts was something worthwhile. The indigenous people who saw us were a bit wary to see strangers in their land. But in time, we will be able to bring them to our cause of preserving their territory, their home, from degradation.


I went back to town and to the capital with traces of mud on my shoes. It was a reminder that the earth will always be ours to protect.



Written and contributed by writeonthespot