The future of the internet and the importance of travel bloggers

Does Social Media got a small influence in the travel branch?:

The future of the internet and the importance of travel bloggers


The future of the internet:

I find the recent WikiLeaks story really interesting. It seems to me that few travelers and travel bloggers who are discussing it. Why? Because it’s political?

I could understand that. Getting political means that you will need to deal with other opinions, including negative ones. But I think that there is more to the topic than "just" politics!


Isn't it also about freedom?

Freedom of speech, which should be of interest for every blogger! Isn't the subjective and free opinion of a blogger one of the most important reasons why people read blogs in the first place?

We are all in social media & love to travel… Shouldn't we all fight & tweet a bit more about #WikiLeaks & the freedom of speech & travel? I live in a relatively free country and have the amazing freedom to travel wherever I want to go and say pretty much anything I like. These are amazing rights and worth standing up for.

Maybe a lot of bloggers and social media users just don’t realize what a powerful voice they have - and for that reason they don't use it.

Give it a second thought...



The importance of travel bloggers:

I think the next 1-2 years of blogging will get very interesting.

More and more people will know about bloggers - not only normal internet users but companies as well.

Already some newspapers, tourist offices, accommodations suppliers, tour operators, airlines and more have recognized the influence that bloggers have.



It’s just as crucial that bloggers realize their own importance as well!

Why do people blog? For many, it’s not about making big money. But still... bloggers should think twice before selling follow links for $5 - 20 per month for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With that, you just help that the others platform get bigger and more popular for a really small investment, with bloggers ultimately losing out in the end.

I’ve been working for many years in the travel industry and I can tell you that they deal with amazing sums of money behind the scenes. The travel industry spends unbelievable amounts of money on advertising etc. and they should show bloggers a bit more appreciation than $5 - 20 a month.



Here is a nice quote about no-follow links:

"The most blatant forms of paid links are those text links in your sidebar you may get paid $5-$20 a month for. The people buying that link don’t even care if anyone clicks on it. Sprinkle enough of them around the Web, and their search engine rankings can improve dramatically. (Until Google figures out that they got that way by buying links, when they’ll get penalized and drop out of the rankings.) Once the site gets penalized, you can get penalized for being a part of the link buying scheme. If that’s not a good enough reason not to sell text links in your sidebar (or in your posts), then consider the fact that many of the Internet marketing firms that solicit these links are getting paid thousands of dollars a month to score the links for their clients. The links are worth far more than you’re getting for them."


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