Four Epic Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Four Epic Places to Visit in Amsterdam

When it comes to the city of Amsterdam, everyone associates it with one thing – marijuana cafes. Whilst marijuana is a major part of Amsterdam, there is more to the city than just that.

To help you find a little bit of both, though, here are four places that you absolutely need to go and see in Amsterdam when you are here.

Then, you can get a taste of its connection to cannabis and it’s taste to life and culture.


Four Epic Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam ArenA is, as far as sporting venues is concerned, one of the most fantastic in Europe. Its outstanding design makes it easy to enter and see around, it’s simple to find your seats and the atmosphere is typically electric.

Home to AFC Ajax, the local team and one of the most famous sides in the world, Amsterdam is a city with a proud sporting history. This was the sight of many famous sporting victories, and coming here today will let you sample one of the most exciting young teams in European football. Not a football fan? This stadium is sometimes used as a venue for concerts as well. You can do a 70-minute tour of the arena.


Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

This wonderful museum is located in De Wallen (the Red Light District) and is one of the best places to come if you want a detailed introduction to the history of marijuana in this fine city. With more than two million visitors since 1985, this is an important place to come if you want to see a rich and detailed history of how the city became synonymous with green.

With a live cannabis garden showing the stages of growth as well as pipes and stunning artworks, this is a fantastic place to see the rich position that the drug holds in this city. And if you’re looking for a fun souvenir: The museum gift shop sells cannabis seeds from the brand Weed Seed Shop!


Van Gogh Museum

A monument to a true legend of the Dutch, the Van Gogh Museum is one of the most exciting places in the city to come and visit. It’s got a fantastic range of works dedicated to the mastermind himself, as well as his contemporaries. It stands as one of the finest displays of artwork in the city, and makes a fine place to come whether you are intrigued by the artwork, the history or just the man himself.

Whatever you decide, you will find that the Van Gogh museum make a fine break into the city’s artistic traditions. And, if you’re into architecture: The “Stedelijk Museum” (“Museum of the City”) is right next door and it’s a stunning building.

Hint: Buy your tickets before to skip the line!



A stunning public urban park that spans more than 47 hectares, the Vondelpark (named after the Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel) is a part of Amsterdam that shows you just how close this city is to the nature around it. Shows off a stunning part of the city that breaks away from the bustling nature of the city centre, whilst offering a classy place to come and visit for a little comfort and tranquillity.


As a city, Amsterdam finds fine ways to remind us that it’s more than a place for stoners. Art, sport, culture, nightlife and style – Amsterdam is a city with more to it than marijuana. That, however, does not mean it’s not worth coming here to see!

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