Formula 1 Race in Catalunya - An Exciting Experience

Formula 1 Race in Catalunya - An Exciting Experience

While in Barcelona I had the opportunity to attend the F1 race at the Circut de Catalunya.

Being an American, I honestly don't know much about the F1 races but with stands filled to the brim, it was easy to see the people there were passionate about their race cars.

The race track where the 2012 F1 race took place was just a short drive from Barcelona.

It was my first time attending any sort of race and it was exciting to see the energy on the field. From our VIP box above the finish line, we could see the crowds camped out on the grassy knolls in the distance, but also the drivers' boxes where the crew worked during the race.

Definitely an exciting experience — who knew fast cars could be so entertaining? Probably everyone, but still very cool to see first-hand.

Listen to the cars race on the track here:


Thanks to the tourism office of Catalonia for inviting Traveldudes and organizing the trip!
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