Formula 1 in Monza, Italy: Let's Get Some 'Red' Noise

Formula 1 in Monza, Italy: Let's Get Some 'Red' Noise

Have you ever attended a Formula 1 race? It's loud!

Very loud!

A few years ago I've attended my first F1 race and now I know that ear plugs are not just good for sleeping, but also attending a race day!

The race itself usually just passes by and you need to watch the big screens to see what's really happening, but...

The atmosphere!

Yes, I would recommend to get a ticket at least once, only to be part of the spectacular atmosphere and the whole show around it.

Now I have the chance to attend a F1 race in a place where it seems to belong:

The Home of Ferrari – Italy

This paired with one of the best drivers in the Ferrari team, Sebastian Vettel, should make it even more special.

But hey... if you really travel around Europe “only” to attend a car race, don't you miss out on a big chance?

Don't you want to see a bit more?


What can you do around Monza, if you want to extend your Formula 1 race weekend?

I'm going to find out soon! I'm leaving Friday very early and my itinerary will include some fun activities, beautiful landscapes and for sure very yummy food and wine!


Friday – First Day:

I'll arrive in the morning and will head straight to my first accommodation, the Hotel Castelbarco. I'll check out the area in the afternoon with a bike ride, which will get me to Villa Castelbarco and I'll cycle along the Add River.

Dinner will be at Il molo 13, before heading back by bike to the hotel.


Saturday – Second Day:

Forget the qualifying! Vettel will make it on pole also without me attending! I'll visit instead the Museo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza, then head to the Royal Villa and Park, followed by lunch at their restaurant. I'm sure they will have a TV running where I can see what's happening a few kilometers further.

Then I'll take a look at the RIVA showroom and get lost in the city of Monza. By then I'm sure this one will be filled with F1 fans and I'm looking forward to experience the atmosphere. To still my hunger, I'll have my dinner at Turne.


Sunday – Third Day:

Formula 1 Race Day!

Get up early & head to the Autodromo in Monza. No plans for that day, I only expect Ferrari and Vettel to win. ;-)


Monday – Fourth Day:

Nooooo... I'm not heading straight home after a successful “winners” party. Let's now add a bit to the program and let the fun start with:

Paragliding in Lecco, Lake Como

This is one of the beautiful lakes in Northern Italy, surrounded by mountains. That sounds like a perfect spot for paragliding and my fingers will stay crossed to have the perfect weather conditions for it! Let me stay up in the air for a looooong time!

Then I might come down to have lunch at Borgo della Madonnina, before wandering around Lecco and just in time for sailing on Lake Como with an aperitif in my hand.

I doubt that I will be very hungry, after days of great food, but I'm sure dinner at Pare di Valmadrera fits still in.  ;-)


Tuesday – Fifth Day:

“Seriously? The days passed away that quickly?”... I'm sure these will be my thoughts. But no worries, there is enough time for becoming a F1 race pilot and showing Vettel how it's done right in...

The Ferrari F1 Simulator

Oh... I really doubt that I will handle that one. I was never good at computer race games and preferred the real cars. ;-) If I fail quickly, I'll head to the Duomo Terrace and take a break there, enjoying the views and amazing architecture. Maybe I was out of energy and couldn't concentrate good enough? Then I'll get some lunch at the Lambrate Brewery. Probably I'll do both.  :)

Just before heading home, I should have enough time to join a Street Art Tour in Milan. Seriously, what are cities without great street art? Sure, you don't want to see the ugly name tags on the walls, but graffiti at the right spots, sprayed the right way, that's simply cool.


That's the plan on how to extend your Formula 1 race weekend!

Sounds busy? Sure, but also exciting with a good mix of fun, culture, good food and...

Red Noise!

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