First Stop and First Continent, South Africa and Already Blown Away

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First Stop and First Continent, South Africa and Already Blown Away

Well, what can I say about my experience in SA so far?

I love it.

I am absolutely blown away by the whole place and although I've travelled a lot in my thirty years, I can honestly say I've experienced something completely new with South Africa.

Cape Town is a beautiful array of old and new and mixes cultures and contradictions really well. It's a bustling city and a sleepy old town in one.


I fell in love with the Biscuit Mill, which is a farmers market where locals and now tourists (after hearing about its amazing offerings) congregate to stock up, chill out, eat well and drink even better.

I loved the vibe and it reminded me quite a lot of my time living in Australia. Everyone was smiling, enjoying the sun, chatting away like they didn't have a care in the world - until the heavens opened up for five minutes.

A South African friend of mine said "If you don't like the weather in Cape Town, wait five minutes and it will change" - I thought she was joking, but she really wasn't.


We stayed for two nights at the beautifully stunning Twelve Apostles in Camps Bay which had a wonderful view of the famous sunset. The staff there was amazingly friendly, very welcoming and couldn't do enough for you.

The lovely guy who picked us up from the airport told us that a lot of the staff live in townships and work at the hotel.

We went for a delightful tapas on the last night in Camps Bay and as a vegetarian I have been absolutely amazed by the cuisine here. I honestly would go as far as saying it's better than the UK - honestly amazing!


The next day we headed to the famous Moyo restaurant, where we spent a whole day enjoying the traditional South African hospitality, which included buffet style dining, performances and entertainment, face painting, all in a relaxed, informal and private setting.

It was incredible and we didn't want to leave!


We then took a beautiful two and a half hour drive to the stunning Grootbos nature reserve and hotel, which is home for the next three nights. We've been put up in the Forest Lodge - a gorgeous five room lodge in the middle of the reserve, which is about as a natural as you can get, without sleeping outdoors!

We have a lounge made complete with a burning log fire, a four poster bed, overlooking the ocean and a beautiful deep bath - also with spectacular views!


There was no rest for the wicked though as we got up at 6am to do a whale watching tour which was incredible - despite the fact I was sea sick so badly, I threw up four times!

We did see four/five whales, two great white sharks and more seals than you'd ever normally see in a lifetime!

We were back in time to enjoy some Grootbos brekkie, before relaxing out on our private balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean...I read a sign on the boat, which had been painted on, which I think perfectly sums things up so far - it said "Life is an adventure, not a problem to solve. Live it"

Well, I can honestly say so far, we absolutely are!

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