First days of work

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

First days of work

Yesterday everyone from the house got an introduction to Wellington/Lower Hutt, and then we spent the afternoon cleaning up a beach near the house. It was rocky and windy, but still a good time. Pretty much a treasure hunt – we found discarded shoes, knives, toys, even diapers.

Last night we went to the bars in Wellington – quite a nightlife scene. Yay for Kitty O’sheas!

Today we went to Trellisic Park and did clearing of invasive plants and measuring tree growth.

I’m having the time of my life, even down on my knees in the dirt pulling weeds – there’s something incredibly satisfying about being in the sun, doing manual labor, and getting things out by the roots. Definitely better than being in class.

Yes, Mom, I’m using sunscreen.

Just got back from a long walk through the neighborhood – it’s pretty breathtaking. I found a stream and sat with my feet in the water reading for a while. Pretty perfect.

Tomorrow we head to the wetlands!