That felt like a good day today... finally

We missed our flights! Where will this trip bring us?:

That felt like a good day today... finally

Finally we felt like our trip started!


First thing we did was to hire kayaks for a couple of hours and we explored the lake.


After the trouble of the last days we needed to get rid of our emotions... so using a kayak was perfect! The sun was shining and I finally was able to test the small kayaks. Up till now we had kayaks with the usual lengths or even sea kayaks with a small ruder in the back to steer with.


These were easy to steer, but not this one today. At the moment you stopped paddling it went left or right and made a 180 degree turn. But after while we had the hang of it. We paddled to the end of the lake and had a break at a nice little spot. Up to there the wind tried to blow us the other direction.


After that trip we went to trek into a nice valley with a really beautiful canyon. I am known to find short cuts or better finding treks which doesn t really exist. I also did today! I wanted to get as close as possible to the water and chose a small trek. It got us nearly all the way up the mountain. In the end we had to turn around...


But we found the right track and really enjoyed that walk. I also filmed a lot and hope to cut the footage soon when we are back home.


Tomorrow we will probably will see the sea the first time, but have no clue if we really go that far yet. We got a recommendation for two huge caves. One even offers a train ride... we will choose the other one! lol  We don t need a Disney cave...