Feels like being on Drover's

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand:

Feels like being on Drover's

McLeod's Daughters is one of my favorite TV shows. It's all about living on a cattle farm somewhere in the Australian Outback. Far from civilization as town people know it. That's kinda how I felt today when I took a walk along the farm I am currently living on. Only that New Zealand is a lot greener than the Australian Outback and your nearest neighbors aren't hundreds of miles away.

Yet the size of this place is also tremendous! I have forgotten how many hectars all the paddocks make up but let me say you could easily fit a few small villages in. The landscape is breathtaking and I could walk around for hours taking pictures. Put a few online on Facebook.

Speaking of TV shows... today I was also reminded of another one of my favorite series The Gilmore Girls. Rory and Lorelai have (to have) dinner at Lorelai's parents' house every Friday. Well, the Rockells have a big dinner get-together every Sunday. Luckily - unlike in the series - these dinners here are held in a very pleasant atmosphere. All the kids get to watch TV and play and run around, then there's plenty of food, talk and laughter. I am so stuffed from all the delicious chicken, veggies and ice-cream *yummy*

Tomorrow Lukas starts kindergarten again and Eliza goes back to school. Getting back to routine after a six week break might not be easy so we'll see how things go in the morning. I need to go to town to get an IRD (tax number) and open a bank account. Unfortunately the car kind of broke down today so we don't know yet how we're getting into town.