Familiarize Yourself with Indian Culture before Visiting India

Familiarize Yourself with Indian Culture before Visiting India

If you are planning a trip to India, especially for the first time, then knowing about Indian culture and tradition is recommended.

It is important that you do a good research on India culture as the local people of the country pay a great importance to their culture and take it very seriously. Interestingly, they also expect the same from the tourists travelling to this country and maintain the prevailing decorum.

Keeping this fact in mind, you can simply reduce or overcome the risk of culture related issues by reading online and investigating about India and the local culture and tradition followed by the local people. Once you have decided to visit India for your vacation, it is advisable to use your free time to familiarize yourself with Indian culture and gather as much information as possible. 

To help you with it, here are some tips that can help you in having a better understanding of things to remember when you travel to India.


Temple Customs:

Whenever you go to any temple or places of worship in India, make sure to take off your shoes before entering its premises. Also, wear some decent clothes; otherwise you may be stopped from entering the place. If you are interested in taking a religious tour and want to travel to the religious sites of the country, then you must respect the spiritual sentiments of the locals even if you have no faith in them.



Be careful about what you are wearing, especially if you are visiting historical sites as some sites do not allow individuals with revealing cloths. However, there is no strict dress code for entering these old monuments or sites. You simply need to put on something that is elegant and covers at least the upper and lower part of your body. You can, in fact, try some traditional cloths and give yourself a new look.


Hands & Feet Manners:

Bending down and touching the feet of elderly people is a token of respect in India. You are not bound to follow it, but if you do, say when you meet any elderly person, you will endear yourself to the locals. Another, important custom that you must be aware of is to never pass a gift or money to any Indian with your left hand. It is regarded as an offense by some conservative Indians even today. So, be careful with your hands.


Festivals Custom:

As you read more about India, you will realize that there are many festivals celebrated in the country throughout the year and each festival is associated with some cultural and religious tradition. If you are taking a festival tour to India or you want to be a part of any festival, randomly taking place while you are in India, then it will be great to read about the holy rituals related to the festival through books or online well in advance.


These are some important things related to Indian customs that you must not forget or ignore while enjoying your holiday tour in India.

Be alert not to do anything that may hurt the sentiments of others or becomes an offense.


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