An Epic Cyprus Road Trip

An Epic Cyprus Road Trip

Cyprus is a beautiful, not-so-small island in the Mediterranean Sea, very close to Greece in terms of culture, but geographically located in the Middle East area. 

As a destination, it is very popular among Europeans, coming especially from the UK and northern Europe in general.

For me, during my solo trip across the Middle East, I decided to fly to Cyprus as a logical detour from Syria as I didn’t feel like venturing myself to this country at this time. It just looked like the perfect place at the perfect time!

Because of its countless beaches, most of the people who visit Cyprus in the summer will go to a beach resort and spend their week or two in the same area. But I promise there is so much more to see and do on the island of Venus.

I wanted to see it all – well, as much as possible – so I decided to have a road trip instead.

One week and a million things to tell you about!


Travel diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti