The End.

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

The End.

So here’s the last few days:

Friday night we all went out for a fancy dinner on the waterfront to change it up a little bit. I had my first taste of famous New Zealand lamb and wine. The next day Angela, Steve, Dave and I went to a 9 hour cricket match at Wellington’s stadium – England vs. the Kiwis or “black caps”. New Zealand CRUSHED England so I got to lord that over poor Dave (the Brit). The next day was hiking and walking in the pouring rain, including a brief trip to the Petone Settler’s Museum which talked about life for the first British settlers, and also about new immigrants from Pacific island countries.

Monday was the best day of work yet – seal counting, and by that I mean forgetting to count and I watched all the baby seals playing. I wanted to bring them all home. In all, we counted 97 “pups” and over 450 seals total. Next, more hiking, then a great goodbye dinner, then we were going down to town for a goodbye pint when Angela sprained her ankle and we called it a night.

In an hour I leave for an overnight bus to Auckland. Then tomorrow night I fly to Fiji, then to LA, then to Colorado, then home for three days, then ECUADOR!

I am definitely not ready to leave, but I guess it’s better to go now when I only have good memories, instead of waiting until I got sick of New Zealand. If that’s possible.