Don't Miss Baths of Aphrodite and the Avakas Gorge - Cyprus, Day Six

An Epic Cyprus Road Trip:

Don't Miss Baths of Aphrodite and the Avakas Gorge - Cyprus, Day Six

After a great breakfast at Natura Beach Resort, prepared with vegetables and dairy products from the hotel’s farm itself, I was ready to move to Pafos and stop on the way for a couple of beautiful sights.
The first stop was the so called Bath of Aphrodite. 
Even if this place is very touristy now, I think she put a spell on it, so that its beauty doesn’t show on photos, and people has to go and see it themselves. The colors and atmosphere of this little grotto make it something more than unique, and I can easily picture a goddess choosing it as her private bath…
Luckily it’s not allowed to swim in here, but don’t worry, the nearby sea is spectacular.
The rest of the Akamas area has loose surface roads. Next time I’ll have a 4×4. This time I just had to skip it…
Reaching Pafos from Polis is easy and as the road winds it way among beautiful hills with a view on the sea from above, you will shortly find yourself at your destination… and if you’re lucky as I was, you will get a bit lost and find yourself on the edge of beautiful cliffs and sea caves underneath.

Just before arriving to Pafos there’s Lara, a beautiful and wild peninsula (I advice you to go with a 4×4) with endless beaches where turtles lay their eggs.
On the southern side of the peninsula, don’t miss the best hike ever: the Avakas Gorge!

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do that, as it was very hot… but then again I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. It turned out the shades in the gorge made the hike very pleasant instead.

And so I walked and walked, wondering what was waiting for me as I approached the heart of the gorge… and it kept getting more and more beautiful the more I entered. At some point, the gorge becomes very narrow until they touch, or until they “embrace”, as they say in Cyprus.

It was a long, hot day and I was exhausted but I am glad I finally decided to visit the Avakas Gorge. If you go to Cyprus, make sure you don’t miss it together with Lara.

No wonder as soon as I checked in at the Alexander The Great Hotel in Paphos, I went straight to the beach for a refreshing swim!


Travel diary shared by Giulia Cimarosti